My Son DJ

Hola a todos.. Como se encuentran este Domingo de Relaxation? Acabo de terminar una tarea de la escuela que tengo que entregar mañana. Que flojera… pero por fin la termine. Yuppi!!  Este fin de semana me la pase muy bien con mi familia y en casa. Una cosa que eh realizado es que mis fines de semana no son de fiesta ya. Esos tiempos han pasado y mis días consisten de familia, películas, arreglos en mi apartamento, oh simplemente haciendo nada. El cumpleaños de mi hijo fue la semana pasada. Cumplio 9 ańitos mi hijo y es la luz de mi vida. Ser madre en verdad es un trabajo difícil en el que uno no siempre tiene las respuestas para todas las preguntas que ellos nos hacen pero es la mejor aventura en mi vida. En mi blog no hablo mucho sobre el porque las actividades en donde saldrá mas el, es en el canal de familia que esta bajo construcción en estos momentos por YouTube =) Este blog se lo dedico a mi hijo y los dejo con unas fotos de ańos atrás.  El como yo le gusta tomarse fotos y estar en la cámara. Espero y les gusten.

DJ Photoshoot
DJ Football Banquet
DJ Self- Portrait 


DJ being DJ

Bueno por ahora los dejo. Espero escribir algo esta noche sobre mis planes para el mes de Febrero. Gracias por visitar mi pagina hoy.

-Sinceramente Jane

Spanish Word for the Day: Familia= Family

I chose this word since I find it well suited for the topic of my blog today.



Is it too late for this…?

Well hello everybody… I hope you guys survived the snowzilla storm we had. I think we had like a record breaking snow storm here in NYC with something like 30 inches of snow. Well… I can say I was definitely not expecting that much snow. I am just glad it was during the weekend and not during the work week. It would have made it that much more miserable to have that much snow trying to catch the subway and all. So as you may or may not know, I started this blog a couple of months ago, with the intentions to learn more about digital marketing, better my writing skills and just for the pleasure of writing about beauty and fashion. Well so far, these past few months I have learned a lot and I didn’t expect that I would actually be learning this much so soon. I’ve also started a Youtube channel and as I start this whole social media life, I’ve learned the importance of having a vision or a statement or whatever you’d like to call it (oh and proofreading your writing before you post it hahaha). Anyways, I got the idea from a youtube channel called: . She has a lot of cool videos that are very informative and talk about how to build your brand. By no means am I saying that I am looking to make this a full time job or anything like that buuuuuuuuuuuut, if it happens.. HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE? (LOL)

So the topic of conversation today will be the 3+3 Statements to define your blog:

Three things your blog will stand for this year?

  1. Beauty and Fashion- anything that has to do with this topic will be first
  2. Family & Friends- these people are part of my life so it just makes sense to include them
  3. No Judgement- I’m not perfect at this so I am learning as I go

Three promises your making to your blog community?

  1. I promise to have fun on this blog. I am not talking about serious matters here, we get enough of that to go around in the real world. This is where I want to have fun and talk about things that make me smile =)
  2. I promise to be honest on this platform. I will write about things that interest me or if any readers have any suggestions or topics for me to write about, I would be willing to do that as well.
  3. I promise to be diverse. I live in NYC, one of the most diverse cities in the world. I think we could all use a little more diversity in our lives.

So there we have it. I guess I could have written this post earlier this month to start the year off right. Well as I mentioned above, I am learning as I go. I also wanted to ask you guys for some suggestions. What do you guys want to hear about or learn about. My previous posts have been of famous ladies of our past and their fashion style. Any suggestions or topics that may interest you in learning?

-Sinceramente Jane

ps. For those of you that don’t know what Sinceramente means, it means Sincerely. =)