Is it too late for this…?

Well hello everybody… I hope you guys survived the snowzilla storm we had. I think we had like a record breaking snow storm here in NYC with something like 30 inches of snow. Well… I can say I was definitely not expecting that much snow. I am just glad it was during the weekend and not during the work week. It would have made it that much more miserable to have that much snow trying to catch the subway and all. So as you may or may not know, I started this blog a couple of months ago, with the intentions to learn more about digital marketing, better my writing skills and just for the pleasure of writing about beauty and fashion. Well so far, these past few months I have learned a lot and I didn’t expect that I would actually be learning this much so soon. I’ve also started a Youtube channel and as I start this whole social media life, I’ve learned the importance of having a vision or a statement or whatever you’d like to call it (oh and proofreading your writing before you post it hahaha). Anyways, I got the idea from a youtube channel called: . She has a lot of cool videos that are very informative and talk about how to build your brand. By no means am I saying that I am looking to make this a full time job or anything like that buuuuuuuuuuuut, if it happens.. HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE? (LOL)

So the topic of conversation today will be the 3+3 Statements to define your blog:

Three things your blog will stand for this year?

  1. Beauty and Fashion- anything that has to do with this topic will be first
  2. Family & Friends- these people are part of my life so it just makes sense to include them
  3. No Judgement- I’m not perfect at this so I am learning as I go

Three promises your making to your blog community?

  1. I promise to have fun on this blog. I am not talking about serious matters here, we get enough of that to go around in the real world. This is where I want to have fun and talk about things that make me smile =)
  2. I promise to be honest on this platform. I will write about things that interest me or if any readers have any suggestions or topics for me to write about, I would be willing to do that as well.
  3. I promise to be diverse. I live in NYC, one of the most diverse cities in the world. I think we could all use a little more diversity in our lives.

So there we have it. I guess I could have written this post earlier this month to start the year off right. Well as I mentioned above, I am learning as I go. I also wanted to ask you guys for some suggestions. What do you guys want to hear about or learn about. My previous posts have been of famous ladies of our past and their fashion style. Any suggestions or topics that may interest you in learning?

-Sinceramente Jane

ps. For those of you that don’t know what Sinceramente means, it means Sincerely. =)


Selena Quintanilla

So I had mentioned about a month ago that I wanted to write about Selena and her iconic fashion input into our world. I think that anyone growing up in Texas in the 90’s must have been in love with Selena. Her music, her personality and her amazing wardrobe outfits she would put on to give a show is what she is known for. I remember trying to sing like Selena with my younger sister when we were put to do chores around our house. Remember those big home theater players that looked like this:

Audio/Video System

Yea I used to love that thing! (Lol) So in case you are looking to update your system, there you go. So back to Selena, I recently read an article that M.A.C. is going to be honoring Selena in 2016 by introducing a limited edition product line in her name. All of her fans would definitely be proud to see her still being remembered today, almost 20 years after her unfortunate death.


Selena was most known for being Queen of Tejano Music. During her time as a famous singer, Selena was often criticized from everything to not being “Mexican” enough to be a part of the Mexican culture to being one to “sexy” for her choice of outfits on stage. She was known as the “Tejano Madonna”


Selena in a Bustier Top
Selena’s final concert in Houston, Texas

Here are some really cool facts that I did not know about Selena until I researched on her a little:

Selena was a spokesperson for Coca-Cola from 1989 till the time of her death

looooving the Texas hair

Selena was 5’6″ in height (She was taller than me…!!)

Selena designed all of her stage outfits herself (fashion designer in the making)

I honestly do not think I have met one person in my life that didn’t like Selena. She was just one of those people in life that you can’t dislike. Her music, beauty and style will continue to live in people’s hearts because she left this earth too soon. So I can’t wait until M.A.C. introduces her new line so that I can run and get some stuff! Until next post my readers. Don’t forget to follow my other social media accounts:

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Hola y buenas tardes a todos los que están aquí en mi pagina. Hace un mes, mencione que quiera escribir sobre la cantante Selena Quintanilla. Pienso que igual que yo, en el tiempo de los 90’s cualquier persona viviendo en Texas en es tiempo estaba fascinada con Selena. La música, su personalidad y su estilo de vestir en el escenario era lo que hacia uno reconocerla. Me acuerdo de chiquita cuando mi mama nos hacia limpiar en la casa, yo y mi hermana nos gustaba cantar con la música a todo volumen en esas maquinas de música. Se acuerdan… (lol)?

Estéreo de los 90’s

Ahi como amaba esa maquina.. jajajajaja!  So si están buscando algo similar, ahi les puse el link por Amazon. Bueno.. continuemos con el tema de Selena. Lei recienmente un articulo que hablaba sobre la compañia M.A.C. estaría haciendo en el año 2016 una linia de maquillaje en memoria de Selena. Supongo que todas la fanáticas de Selena estarán orgullosas de que ella esta aun después de 20 años de fallecida, en la memoria de todos.


Selena era conocida como la Reina de la Musica Tejana. Durante la época de Selena, ella fue criticada por cosas como no ser “Mexicana” para la comunidad Mexicana y otras cosas como su estilo de vestir por ser muy sexi. Su forma de vestir le puso el apodo de la “Madonna Tejana”

Selena en el famoso Bustier Top
Selena en ultimo concierto Houston, Texas

Aqui les van unos hechos de Selena que no aprendí has ver hecho un poco de investigación sobre ella:

Selena fue un portavoz de Coca -Cola desde 1989 hasta el momento de su muerte

Les encanta el pelo Grande de Texas…

Selena era 5’6 “de altura (un poco mas alta que yo…!!)

Selena disegño toda su ropa del esenario

No puedo pensar en alguna persona que no quiera a Selena. Ella tenia una personalidad enamorosa. Selena siempre estara en los corazones por mucho tiempo por la persona maravillosa que era ella cuando estuvo aquí. Gracias por visitar mi pagina y espero les gusto el tema de hoy. Espero regresar pronto y ojalá subir algunas fotos mias y de mi vestir. Por favor siguan mis otras paginas sociales:

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Holiday Time

So it is January 3rd, 2016 and this is officially my first blog post this year. I really didn’t have time to post anything due to a few things. I got lazy, I was busy and then I got sick. Being sick during the holidays has got to be the worst thing ever. Having to be around all the people and the food and you just sit there and slowly die. (Ok maybe that is just a bit much) During Christmas, the weather in NYC was far from being what the normal weather is like. Christmas Eve my wardrobe was a Christmas Tee from Areopostatle during the day which I found for like 7 dollars!  I wore some sparkly pants that I got from H&M with black silk shirt and paired them with black classic Louboutins.



Christian Louboutin     

One of the more exciting events I was able to attend was the Jacqueline De Ribes exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum. One of the fashion icons of the twentieth century was known as a muse to most couture fashion designers. If you are interested in seeing her exhibit and some fabulous designs, I would definitely recommend you stop by this exhibit before it ends. The Art of Style will be open to museum guests until February 21, 2016.


Jacqueline De Ribes
Evening Wear
Evening Wear  
The Masked Ball 
Masked Ball  

Ok… I’m trying to sit here and think of what else my holidays consisted of…? Oh I know… the time we celebrated my boyfriend’s cousins birthday party! That was so much fun and it was absolutely fun to get dressed up for where we decided to go. Lets just say that I was able to put on my red lipstick and dance without a care in the world that night!

I wore my black basic tee underneath an amazing burgundy leather jacket I borrowed from my boyfriends aunt. (BTW, her closet is to die for!!) My scarf was basically a steal from H&M. My jeans that I didn’t get a good picture of were some 80’s style jeans. I love those jeans so I am sure you guys will get to see them in another post.

I ended my year spending time with my Aunt in Bowie, Maryland. She lives in the suburbs of Maryland and just about 30 minutes away from Washington D.C. By the time I got here, I was really sick and ready to end the year. I decided not to get dressed up this year and roll in the new year in my favorite silk pajamas.


Well, I think this blog has lasted enough and I will see you guys soon. Hope you enjoyed my little adventure during the holidays with me and I look forward to having a successful blogging year.

Sinceramente Jane

Frida Kahlo= FASHION

Hey guys,

Can I just stop and say how amazing this weather is today? Its 61 degrees in New York City today! I mean c’mon, we are basically in the middle of December and this is sweater weather we are in. I say we all take advantage of pulling out or chunky sweaters and small booties and enjoy the weekend. Ok so today I want to talk a little bit about a Mexican artist that I have been learning more about these past few weeks. There was recently an exhibit of Frida Kahlo that was held at the New York Botanical Gardens that I unfortunately did not get a chance to visit. (I highly regret this btw…) Frida was known for her self portraits, her relationship with fellow artist Diego Rivera and her kick ass attitude towards life. While reading and learning about Frida, I noticed a recurring theme in her wardrobe: bright colored dresses.

Frida’s Tehuana Dresses

These dresses are called Tehuana dresses and come from Oaxaxa, Tehuantepec. All of Frida’s private belongings are located in”The Blue House” better known as La Casa Azul.

blue house
La Casa Azul

Frida is someone that I can relate to when it comes to her passion to surviving her tragic past. As a little girl, she went through an accident that nearly left her dead. With the will to survive, this is where Frida comes to find the passion  that would make her a Mexican Artist known all over the world. One of the reasons why Frida is always seen in the similar wardrobe style of Tehuana dresses is because of the accident and also because  she wanted to embrace her culture and show it to the world.

Frida in New York 1946

After Frida’s 140 countless paintings through out her career, Frida Kahlo died on her 47th year of birth. Frida like many women struggled with her emotions, marriage and reputation to make a name for herself in the world. She did in fact make a name for herself and proved to the world that she did belong in the elite world of famous artists. With all the fame and status, Frida Kahlo never stopped suffering from her pain internally. She just learned to cope with it and express it in the only way she knew how: painting. One of the final entries in her diary, Frida quotes ” I hope the exit is joyful- and I hope never to return!” I really enjoyed learning about Frida Kahlo and her life as an artist. I think that a lot of times people  struggle to find a way to express themselves. Frida is an example that no matter what you have been through or what pain you may be feeling, there is always a path to choose. When I visit the City of Mexico, the Frida Museum is definitely one that will be on my list to visit.

Frida Kahlo 1907- 1947

Here is a video of the famous Frida Kahlo in some of her most memorable photographs:

Thank you for stopping  by the blog today and I look forward to posting more interesting posts about fashion!


Hola chicos,
Puedo parar y decir lo increíble que esta el día de hoy? Estamos a 61 grados en la ciudad de Nueva York hoy! Osea, estamos básicamente en el medio de Diciembre y con esta temperatura estamos a moda de suéter. Yo digo que todos aprovechemos sacar el suéter gruesos y las pequeñas botines y disfrutar del fin de semana. Ok cambiando de tema,  hoy quiero hablar un poco acerca de una artista Mexicana que he estado aprendiendo más sobre estas últimas semanas. Recientemente hubo una exposición de Frida Kahlo que se celebró en el Jardín Botánico de Nueva York que por desgracia no tuve la oportunidad de visitar. (I altamente lamento por cierto …) Frida era conocida por sus autorretratos, su relación con el también artista Diego Rivera y su actitud de patear el culo hacia la vida. Mientras aprendia mas sobre Frida, me di cuenta de un tema recurrente en su armario: vestidos de colores brillantes.

Vestidos Tehuana De Frida Kahlo

Estos vestidos son llamados vestidos de tehuana y provienen de Oaxaca, Tehuantepec. Todas las pertenencias privadas de Frida se encuentran en “La Casa Azul” mejor conocido como La Casa Azul.

blue house
La Casa Azul

Frida es alguien que me identifico con lo que se refiere a su pasión para sobrevivir a su trágico pasado. Cuando era pequeña, ella pasó por un accidente que casi la dejó muerta. Con la voluntad de sobrevivir, aquí es donde Frida viene a encontrar la pasión que haría de ella una artista Mexicana conocida en todo el mundo. Una de las razones por las que Frida siempre se ve en el estilo de vestuario similar de vestidos de tehuana es a causa del accidente y también porque quería abrazarla cultura Mexicana y mostrárselo al mundo.

Frida en Nueva York, 1946

Después de 140 innumerables pinturas de Frida a través de fuera de su carrera, Frida Kahlo murió en su 47o año de nacimiento. Frida como muchas mujeres luchó con su emociones, el matrimonio y la reputación de hacer un nombre por sí misma en el mundo. Ella, de hecho, hico un nombre por sí misma y le demostró al mundo que ella pertenecía en el mundo élite de artistas famosos. Con toda la fama y estatus, Frida Kahlo nunca dejó de padecer su dolor interno. Ella solamente aprendió a lidiar con él y lo expreso de la única manera que supo: la pintura. Una de las entradas finales en su diario, Frida cita “Espero que la salida sea feliz- y nunca esperamos volver!” Me gustó mucho el aprendizaje sobre Frida Kahlo y su vida como artista. Creo que un montón de veces las personas se esfuerzan por encontrar una manera de expresarse. Frida es un ejemplo de que no importa lo que haya pasado uno en su pasado porque siempre hay un camino para elegir. Cuando visito la Ciudad de México, el Museo Frida es definitivamente uno que estará en mi lista para visitar.

Frida Kahlo1907- 1947

Aquí hay un video de la famosa Frida Kahlo en algunas de sus fotografías más memorables:

Gracias por parar cerca el blog hoy y espero publicar más interesantes posts acerca de la moda!

Sinceramente Jane

New Blogger

Good Evening Ladies and Gents,

I wanted to do something in my spare time and decided what better way than to blog about my favorite topic: FASHION! I find myself constantly on Pinterest, Instagram or any other social media site looking up different blogs about what people are wearing. Fashion to me means the expression of what you want it to be at that particular moment. It does not have to be any particular trend that is currently in, although some of the “in” stuff is fun and easy to wear when you have no idea what to wear. I enjoy dressing up and getting ready for fun and like to experiment with new styles. I wouldn’t say that I have one style in particular because I love all styles and am not afraid to wear “different” ones that I like but if I did have to pick a style it would be…. I guess you can make that decision. Currently I am living in one of the most famous cities in the entire world: New York City. I have been living here for about three years now and have to say that it is truly one of a kind. One of my favorite things about living here is the vast amount of fashion that surrounds the cities. People from all over the world come to New York to either live or visit and that includes: Their Wardrobes. I love looking at the city and the different cultures that are in it from all over the world.  I am not looking to become this world wide obsessed blogger but rather someone who can express my feelings in fashion through the web. I haven’t started taking pictures for my blog since this is new but hope to post some soon. Thank you for taking the time for stopping by and remember this: Forget the rules if you like to wear it.

Sinceramente Jane

Buenas noches Chicas y Chicos,

Quería hacer algo en mi tiempo libre y decidí que mejor manera que hacer un blog sobre mi tema favorito: LA MODA! Me encuentro constantemente en Pinterest, Instagram o cualquier otro sitio de medios sociales mirando diferentes blogs sobre lo que la gente está usando. Moda para mí significa la expresión de lo que tu quieres que sea en ese momento en particular. No tiene por qué haber ninguna tendencia particular que está actualmente en moda, aunque algunos de las “en moda” cosas son divertidas y fácil de llevar cuando no tienes idea de qué ponerte. Me gusta vestirme y experimentar con nuevos estilos. Yo no diría que tengo un estilo en particular, porque me encantan todos los estilos y no tengo miedo de usar algo “diferente” de lo que me gusta, pero si tuviera que elegir un estilo en particular sería …. bueno supongo que puedes tomar esa decisión. Actualmente estoy viviendo en una de las ciudades más famosas del mundo: la ciudad de Nueva York. He estado viviendo aquí durante unos tres años y tengo que decir que es verdaderamente único en su clase. Una de mis cosas favoritas sobre la vida aquí es la gran cantidad de moda que rodea las ciudades. Gente de todo el mundo vienen a Nueva York para vivir o visitar y eso incluye: sus modas. Me encanta mirar la ciudad y las diferentes culturas que hay en ella de todas partes del mundo. No estoy buscando para convertirme en una obsesionada blogger famosa, sino alguien que pueda expresar mis sentimientos en la moda a través de la web. No he comenzado a tomar fotos para mi blog ya que esto es nuevo, pero la esperanza de publicar algunos pronto. Gracias por tomarse el tiempo en mi pagina y recuerda esto: Olvídate de las reglas si lo quieres usar.

Sinceramente Jane